Påmelding Gjesteinstruktør

Yoga Weekend with Marie Myrbakk - September 7-9, 2018.

In this weekend workshop you will align with the natural world and initiate your own seasonal change, connecting to the energy of Fall.  Be guided through a Friday night flow with slightly longer holds and use this practice to connect and become introspective, while staying active and engaged.  Saturday’s asana clinic will focus on “autumn postures”, breaking down the more grounding & balancing poses. Sunday we’ll close with a yin practice to help ground the vata dosha energy that begins to surface as we transition into the fall months & a guided meditation to identify all extraneous factors that no longer serve you, lightening your load both mentally and physically. Conserve energy, consolidate and celebrate the fruits of your labor.

Friday kl 17:00 – 19:00 Flow

Saturday kl 9:00 – 11:00 Asana Clinic

Sunday kl 10:00 – 12:00 Restorative Yin & Guided Meditation

All Levels of yoga experience welcome!

Space is limited, register now to secure your spot.

Where: Yoga For Helse

Contact: Linda Bettum Martinsen

Price: NOK 450 per day / NOK 1200 for weekend

Teacher Bio:

Marie,500EYT, has a warm and approachable style of holding space that encourages artistic exploration and mastery through movement, often encouraging students to dive in deep, beyond asana, and truly cultivate moment by moment awareness. She is known as a teacher who is skilled in her ability to guide students into experiencing a richer connection with themselves, explore the ever-changing nature of Consciousness and Truth, while beautifully weaving in spiritual elements from her own practice and experience with Life. Marie has recently moved back to Norway, where she will continue to teach yoga workshops & retreats as she continues her journey as a skin care therapist in her studio Clinique M Esthetics. Her greatest inspirations are her son, family and students.

Contact Marie: www.cliniquem.net / info@cliniquem.net









Jeg får kyndig og god veiledning, men er inneforstått med at yoga praktiseres på eget ansvar. Jeg må selv ta hensyn til egen kropp og dens utfordringer.